Sxedia: Memopolis in December 2022

The last month of the year, we organized two workshops for youngsters and for the volunteers of Sxedia stin poli, we took part in the event for the International volunteers day, we also presented the memopolis platform and we close our meetings with a Christmas event!

“Date with a friend – Share your youth exchange story”, meetings for interviews


In the frame of Memopolis-project, we created a workshop for the Youth Exchanges that the youngsters have taken part and their experiences. They shared stories, they remembered their favorite moments and they presented pictures! It was an emotional moment when we talked about how a youth exchange, changed us in a better way! All the youngsters agreed that they got out of their comfort zone and they saw the world differently.

Creative writing workshop with our volunteers


Our second workshop was about the creative writing. The participants through games, short activities and role playing, wrote their own stories and they shared them with each other! We learnt how to share our personal stories or how to structure a fairytale. Also, we wrote a story by getting inspiration from pictures. We realized that everyone has his/her own story to tell and the importance of listening. It was a creative afternoon full of  ideas and moments.

“Youth Christmas event – presentation of MEMOPOLIS platform”


Our last meeting for December took place in Sxedia stin poli at 17 December and we had the chance to present Memopolis game and the steps that have been done till now in the platform. We discussed about our workshops and activities that will happen next year and at the end we close our meeting with a Christmas party with presents, sweets and music!

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