– local meeting and online exchange

On 9 April 2022, the group of young people working on the development of the game platform met for the second time at KAOS in Leipzig together with the Teamer:innen. This time not all participants could be present (5 out of 7), which provided a good opportunity for personal contacts and extensive communication/discussions.

The day was divided into two parts: First part (11.00-13.00) – further development of our team’s story for the games platform. Second part (14.00-15.00) – a virtual meeting with young people from our partner youth groups from Thessaloniki, Greece and Anjala, Finland. The two parts were separated by a one-hour lunch break.

The first part started with an introduction, a “how am I doing” round, followed by an active energiser. After that, the young people had the opportunity to listen again to the audio recordings of the international experiences of the last meeting. From the recordings, they collectively chose one that they liked the most and wanted to use for further story development.

The selected story served as the basis for creating a task for the online game platform, which could later be played and solved by the other international youth groups. The next step (after deciding on a story) was to brainstorm possible quests/challenges.

For this, the team worked together. The ideas were sketched on a poster. For the last creation of the day, the team constructed a search picture from two photos that the participants showed themselves, with the challenge “Find the 10 differences”, which could also be used for the game.

The second part of the meeting (also the last hour of the day) was dedicated to the virtual meeting between the German (us), the Finnish and the Greek youth teams. Each participant was given their own device (laptop/tablet) to participate in an online gaming session from Gartic Phone. The session was accompanied by a live video call with the international participants, which gave it a certain “togetherness” feeling. The real reason for this online meeting/game session was to socialise and get to know our international team members before the actual youth exchange in July. Despite some technical difficulties, the game session turned out to be extremely fun and was a nice end to the busy Saturday.

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