Portugal: Youngsters get involved in creating game platform – SPIN meets ANFR

On the 23rd of June 2021 we had our first meeting with the youth centre of Bairro Padre Cruz.

This Youth Centre is part of the Associação Nacional de Futebol de Rua (ANFR), with the project Bola p’ra Frente, which aims to help youngsters from an segregated neighbourhood to feel included in society and to join many other activities that sometimes it is harder for them.

Spin has a strong partnership with ANFR and we believe joining an Erasmus+ project will bring many benefits to the kids.

In this meeting we discussed: the goals of the game-int.eu; and we tried to collect all the feedback from the youngsters, so they could feel included in the whole process of this platform creation!

This was the first step of an exciting path!

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