Lisbon: Multiplier Event Memopolis

On 20th March Associacao SPIN in Lisbon gathered at the ANFR youth center in Bairro Padre Cruz to present the MEMOPOLIS Platform, a platform that encourages young people to build their own worlds and share experiences in a more didactic way. The main objective of this platform is to serve as a tool for youth work.

Our youth workers had the opportunity to discover the world of MEMOPOLIS a little bit, entering maps in Germany, Greece, Portugal and Finland. The main challenge was embarking on the mission of following the path of one of the groups of youngsters from the centre who went on an exchange related to the development of this platform, in July, in Finland. So they saw photos, videos, games and challenges throughout this adventure.

Everyone had fun exploring the platform, and they look forward to experiencing it more often, with more stories and more quests.

Many thanks to all the partners involved! We hope to continue to develop the platform as a tool to work with youngsters in a more relaxed way.

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