One year of – Review and Outlook

After one year What we have achieved and done and what still lies ahead.

The project has now been running since April 2021 – a whole year. This year – despite challenging Covid conditions and personnel changes in the teams – we have achieved what we wanted to achieve up to this point.

The aim of the project is to create a digital game development platform on which international youth encounters can be re-enacted and also recreated. Technically, this development and game environment is by and large in place; now it is a matter of fine-tuning and fixing bugs so that the platform can soon be put online.

In terms of content, the youth groups in the participating countries have each developed their own game fragment, one of which – namely that of the Portuguese group – can already be played through on the platform as a show case game.

In addition, there were several meetings – transnational project meetings, one online, one analogue in October 2021 in Thessaloniki, a Short Term Staff Training in April 2022 in Lisbon, where 15 professionals from the four participating countries got to know the game platform and jointly considered how they could integrate it into their everyday work with the young people.

In addition, regular meetings are held at the four locations Lisbon (Portugal), Anjala (Finland), Leipzig (Germany) and Thessaloniki (Greece) with the young people involved in developing the content of the platform. Occasionally, the young people from all locations meet online to play with each other and exchange information about their state of development.

What else happens until March 2023

In July, the young people from all locations will finally meet in Finland to get to know each other personally and to finalise the content of the game platform. It is planned that they will all develop a game sequence together that reflects their experiences of the encounter in Finland.

Technically, the platform will be fine-tuned, we will translate the existing texts and language sequences and develop a handout that can serve as a technical and pedagogical guide for others when they want to use the platform in their context.

In winter 2022/23, multiplier events will take place at all locations, where the platform will be officially released and presented to the professional public.

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